It all started back in 1997 when Island Visions photographer Jamie Russell photographed his first comet using a simple film SLR camera, this started a passion for Astrophotography which naturally progressed into Weather, Lightning and finally Landscape photography.

Because Jamie has had a keen interest in meteorology and astronomy since childhood, he was able to capture (and become well known for) some incredible images of The Milky Way, Comet Hale Bopp and spectacular night time Thunderstorms.

As technology grew and improved so did Jamie’s ability and passion for photography which took him to many unknown IOW locations to try and capture something interesting and unique, and being a true Islander his knowledge of the island was and still is second to none.

Over the years Jamie’s photos have become very well known with his photos frequently being printed in National Newspapers and Magazines and more recently have been shown on the BBC and ITV news and he even took part in a Channel 4 documentary about severe weather in which his most popular lightning image was shown.

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